The St. Joseph MPO is working on updating the metro-wide bicycle and pedestrian plan as well as provide a more detailed sidewalk gap analysis for the cities of Savannah and Wathena.

St. Joseph Metro Active Transportation Plan; An Integrated Complete Streets Roadmap

The MPO is working to update and expand the City of St. Joseph’s Bicycle and Pedestiran Master Plan to reflect the regional nature of the future urban trailway network and connect St. Joseph to its regional neighbors to the north and across the river into Kansas. With a focus on the Complete Streets policy, the Non-Motorized Plan will integrate the most advanced planning philosophies about multi-modal corridor planning.

The St. Joseph Area Transportation Study Organization (SJATSO) is responsible for all transportation planning work within its defined boundary (view SJATSO boundary map here). Recent SJATSO projects include the following:

 Savannah Sidewalk Plan

Coming Soon!

Wathena Sidewalk Gap Analysis

Coming Soon!

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