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Demonstrates how the Metro will manage and operate a multi-modal transportation system to meet the region’s economic, transportation, development and sustainability goals for a 20-year planning horizon, while remaining fiscally constrained.

We are currently asking for public feedback on the transportation priorities and issues in the metropolitan area. Click the button below to take our survey! The survey will be available until June 1st. If you need assistance, please contact staff at or by phone at 816-236-1471.

Consistent with MAP-21, the 2040 MTP update activities are coordinated through SJATSO. The 2040 MTP guides sensible development of the regional transportation system and fulfills federal regulatory requirements, making regional transportation projects eligible for funding. The 2040 MTP considers social, environmental, energy, and economic factors in determining the regional transportation goals. The following elements were addressed in developing the 2040 MTP:

  • Identifying mobility needs for infrastructure demands within the Metropolitan Planning Area (MPA) through the year 2040;
  • Identify effective congestion, connectivity and access management strategies (i.e. Complete streets) that applies a systematic approach in addressing current and future multimodal transportation demand;
  • Plan integrated non-motorized facilities (pedestrian and bicycle) into street network;
  • Identify the operational and maintenance needs to preserve the existing transportation system;
  • Inventory existing facilities to relieve vehicular congestion and enhance the mobility of people and goods;
  • Design projects with scope and concept descriptions and cost estimates;
  • Multimodal evaluation of the transportation system for socioeconomic, environmental, and financial impact of the overall plan;
  • Identification of future transit needs;
  • Proposed transportation system enhancement activities and the priorities with which they should be evaluated;
  • Effective Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) strategies for the St. Joseph area and integrate strategies and/or plans on a regional basis;
  • Financial plan that demonstrates the consistency of proposed investments with already available and projected sources of funding;
  • Consistency with the current area comprehensive plans; and,
  • Health assessments of proposed project investments.

The Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) is updated every 5 years, and has a 20 year horizon. For a hard copy or to request help with translation, please contact us.

2040 MTP Chapters 1-6

2040 MTP Chapters 7-12

2040 MTP Goals and Objectives

2040 MTP Update 02.15.15

St Joe Public Opinion Survey_Dec 2013

2040 MTP Draft



2045 MTP Update

The 2045 MTP Update is well underway with the second round of surveys currently out to the public. Below is a map of the results from the first metroquest survey that was open to the public:

The second survey wrapped up in November,  and was statistically valid for the region, the full report can be found here.

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