National Bicycle and Pedestrian Documentation Project

One of the greatest challenges facing the bicycle and pedestrian field is the lack of documentation on how many people are cycling and walking, and what the demand for cycling and walking would be in various circumstances. Without accurate and consistent figures, it is difficult to measure the positive benefits of bicycle and pedestrian investments, especially when compared to other types of transportation such as the private automobile. To address this shortcoming, SJATSO has conducted bicycle and pedestrian counts annually since 2009 as part of a larger national effort to compile bike/ped data. Counts are conducted annually in either Spring or Fall, during recommended days and times. The counts are then adjusted based on the time of day, day of week, month and weather to best estimate weekly, monthly and annual bicycle and pedestrian traffic at these count locations.

For a summary of counts click here.

St. Joseph Transit Operational Review (2012)

Rail to Trail Inventory (2012)

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